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Punch Needle Basics - Digital eBook

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You've been seeing all of these beautiful and inspiring punch needle projects on Pinterest, Instagram, and other places online and you're thinking, "I could totally do this!"

So you decide to learn more and fall down a rabbit hole of different supplies, different techniques, and the confusion starts creeping in

You're determined to give this a try so you search for punch needles and punch needle fabric online and grab the first ones that come up and have decent reviews.

Happy with your purchase, you head to your craft stash and dig out some old yarn and an embroidery hoop you've had stashed away and set it aside to use when your new goodies arrive!

The package arrives and you open it up, so excited to try out this new tool.  

You put the fabric in the embroidery hoop, tighten it as much as you can, and thread the punch needle with some yarn from your stash.

You go to make your first punch needle stitch, but instead of leaving the beautiful loops you've seen online, all you get is a gaping hole in your fabric!  You try again... same thing, but this time the embroidery hoop falls apart!  This can't be right?!

Isn't this supposed to be easy??!!

That's how I got started with punch needle, and I don't want the same thing to happen to you.

Punch needle is fun, relaxing, and easy to do once you learn the basics.    

Learning the basics is SO IMPORTANT with punch needle.  Everyone tells you how easy it is to do, but at first, it can seem like anything but.

It is simple and satisfying as long as you have the right supplies and you learn the basic techniques BEFORE you try it.  

Otherwise, you could end up wasting time, money, and getting seriously frustrated.  Just ask me, that's how I got started!

I don't want you to have to learn by screwing up (like I did).  

I wrote Punch Needle Basics so beginners can have a solid foundation all in one convenient digital book.  

No more searching the internet trying to find all the pieces to the punch needle puzzle.  It's all right here!

In this digital book loaded with pictures and step by step instructions, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started with both the large and small versions of Punch Needle.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Supplies Needed
  • Where to Find Them
  • Punching Techniques
  • Finishing Your Project
  • Troubleshooting Problems

Punch Needle Basics will give you the solid foundation you need to become a punch needle pro!  

Don't waste your precious time and money on the wrong supplies, or worse, give up on punch needle altogether.  

It really is easy once you know the basics, get started today!

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